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Links page > Reference Sites

  • Map of Ft. Detroit (pdf) 1763 Detroit From Bellin's 1764 Atlas.
  • Ft. Detroit History of Detroit from Pre-settlement to Fort Ponchartrain to British Rule to American City. A Massive Database of Detroit History.
  • Chief Pontiac's Sege of Detroit Chief Pontiac's Siege of Detroit by Jenny Nolan / The Detroit News.
  • Journal of Pontiac's Conspiracy, 1763 The Authorship of this Journal is Uncertain. It was Written in French by One of the Besieged Captives Inside the Fort at Detroit In 1763. The Editor of the 1912 Edition Suggested the Author May Have Been One of the Catholic Clergy Stationed There; a Later Editor Speculated It May Have Been a Trader or Other Unlucky Visitor Caught Up in these Damatic Events.
  • Historical Research & Development Our Mission Statement Reads: "Research & Field Trials in the Manner of Our Forefathers, Before Production". Come Take a Look.
  • Native American Indian Bull Boat A Small Boat Built of Willow Branches Covered with a Bison Hide. The hide was First Soaked in Water, then Stretched Around the "Hoop" Frame Made of Branches.
  • The Lake Champlain and Lake George Historical Site Contains a Geographical Map of the Area, Links, a Historical Tour, a Timeline, a Bibliography, and Other Resources.
  • With Web Index of the French and Indian War This Site is Dedicated to a Listing of Links Related to the French and Indian War
  • Chief Pontiac's Siege of Detroit An Illustrated Article Discussing this Event
  • Maps of the French and Indian War Online Exhibition of Maps of the French and Indian War from the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
  • Traditional Cree Food This Site Contains Much Wisdom from Those Who were Here Before. It Tells of What Plants to Eat to Relive Aches and Pains, and Has Recipes for Wild Game
  • U.S. National Archives & Records Administration Find Information about the Historical Records of the US. The NARA is a Unique, Interactive Journey through the History of America as Told through Documents Preserved by the National Archives
  • Civil War Union Army Rations This Articles Provides Information on the Union Army Rations between 1861 and 1865
  • Civil War Enlisted Uniforms 43 Hand Colored Photographs of Civil War Enlisted Uniforms from a Two Volume Set, Bound in 1866 for the Quartermaster General
  • Changes In The Uniform Of The Army 1774-1895 A Booklet Published by the U.S. Army Quartermaster's Department in 1895 that Gives an Excellent Overview of Uniform Changes Since the American Revolution
  • 18th Century Costume Resources Online A Comprehensive Index of Costume Links for Those Who Study and/or Make Costumes or Period Clothing
  • Historic Pittsburgh A Digital Collection that Provides an Opportunity to Explore and Research the History of Pittsburgh and the Surrounding Western Pennsylvania Area on the Internet
  • The Wild Wild West Renegades, Rebels, & Rogues is What the Twin Territories of Oklahoma and the Indian Nations were Full of in the Later Part of the 19th Century. Known as the Robbers Roost, the Territories Became a Safe Haven for Some of the Old West's Most Desperate Villains
  • Hardtack Briefly Describes the History of Hardtack and Offers Several Recipes, Historical and Modern.
  • Hardtack-1863 Specifications U.S. Army Specifications for Preparing and the Care of Hardtack
  • Buck's Base Camp A Complete Resource for the Reenactor Interested in N. American History from the 1730's-1840's. This Site Covers "Edibles" to "Weapons" Plus Much More. Buck Has Been Involved for Over 40 Years and Shares What He Has Learned.
  • Costume-ConNections With this Comprehensive Website, You Will Find Information About Upcoming Conferences, History, Links to Other Web-based Resources, and Places to Go for Costume-related Events and Materials.
  • Black Hawk War Society Society Dedicated to the Black Hawk War of 1831-1832, Which Took Place in Illinois and Wisconsin. Based in Northern Illinois
  • BathCandys' Best Ren Links All of the Best Renaissance Links Out There.
  • The Sitting fox Agency Here at "The Agency" - "Research & field Trials in the Manner of our Forefathers, before Production" has been the Theme of this Site with the Addition of Different Services Just Recently.
  • Women's History ALIVE! Sandra Hansen Performs Terrific One Woman Plays on Famous Women in History, Most Notably, "Civil War Women" and "Kate's Pants." These Plays Travel to Your School, Museum, University or other Venue. This Site also Includes a Trivia Quiz, Costuming Information, and Lists Hundreds of Books on Women in History.
  • House Midgard Wander Along our Beach, Climb Our 166 Generation Family Tree, Listen to Civil War Music and Enjoy Our Photo Essay on Women in the War, Copy Our Recipes, Ask Questions About Polyamory, Paganism and Female Freemasons.
  • Battle of Breed’s and Bunker Hills You Can Taste the Blood and Gunpowder in this Fiery Account of Israel Putnam at the Battle of Breed’s and Bunker Hills.
  • Lexington and Concord Battle Excellent History of the Lexington and Concord Battle, with a Good Map of the Battle Road
  • Civil War Related Links Very Good Civil War Resource Site
  • Beginners Guide to Flintlock Shooting An Information Site Geared Towards Beginners Who are Interested in Trying a Flintlock
  • Native American Technology and Art Information Focusing on Materials of the Eastern Woodlands, Providing Historical and Contemporary Background, Technical Instruction and References
  • American Longrifles This Site is Dedicated to the Study and Building of the American Longrifle and to the People Who Made and Used it to Build a Nation
  • Buckskinner's Notebook This Site is Dedicated to Suggestions from the Readers of MUZZLELOADER About Loading Techniques and Shortcuts
  • Muzzleloading Hints This Site is Dedicated to Suggestions from the Readers of MUZZLELOADER About Loading Techniques and Shortcuts
  • Native American Foods and Recipes Traditional Native American Foods, Recipes, Nutrition Information, Herbs, Cookbooks, Stories, and Teacher Resources.
  • Pemmican This traditional Native American food made from dried meat pounded into a paste could be preserved for long periods of time in the form of pressed cakes. It was especially useful on long journeys or hunting expeditions
  • The Overland Trail Information on the Overland Trail, the Concord Coach, the Route, the Ride, the People and the Trails West
  • Bill's World - Gate Way To The Past This Site is Devoted to the Art of Buckskinning and Contains Links to Buckskinning, Rendezvous, Muzzleloading Sites, Sources for Supplies, and Historical Sites.
  • Lewis and Clark Historic Trail Walk in the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark as they Travel Through Unknown Lands in Search of an Uninterrupted Waterway to the Pacific
  • Old West Gravesites Visit the Graves of Gunfighters, Outlaws, Lawmen, Native Americans, and Other Old West Personalities
  • Wells Fargo History Page Wells Fargo History Museums Display Original Concord Coaches, Wells Fargo’s Banking and Express Documents, Artifacts, Early Photos, Gold Coins, Mining Tools, Ore, Balance Scales, Working Telegraphs, and Western Fine Art
  • Trade Axe & Tomahawk Collectors This Site is Devoted to the Exchange of Information About, and Images of Early Trade Axes and Tomahawks, and to Share the Joy of Collecting these Fascinating Weapons of Bygone Years
  • Old West Index Page Gateway to a List of Resources on Historical, Cultural, Social, Technological, and Other Aspects of the Old West
  • Library of Congress Map Collection The Geography and Map Division has Custody of the Largest and Most Comprehensive Cartographic Collection in the World with Collections Numbering Over 4.5 Million Maps
  • CYBERRODEO - Cowboys & Cowgirls Howdy Pardner! Welcome to Cowboys & Cowgirls, One of the Best Darn Collections of Western Links on the Internet
  • Will Rogers Home Page Gateway to Will Rogers - American Cowboy Humorist, Part Cherokee Indian, Ziegfeld Follies Star, Radio Commentator, Star of 71 Motion Pictures and Much More
  • Buffalo Bill Historical Center The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is Widely Regarded as America's Finest Western Museum
  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum The Mission of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is to Preserve and Interpret the Heritage of the American West for the Enrichment of the Public
  • Buffalo Soldiers & Indian Wars The Mission of the Buffalo Soldier Network is to Honor the Memory of the Buffalo Soldiers, in Historical, Educational and Genealogical Perspectives
  • America's West - Development & History A Presentation of the History and Development of the American West
  • American Indian Studies This Site is Dedicated to the Presentation of Unique Artwork, Photographs, Video and Sound Recordings which Accurately Reflect the History, Culture and Richness of the Native American Experience in North America
  • The War Times Journal Portal The Portal Link List is an On-line Military Resource for Researchers, Hobbyists, Military Professionals and all Others with an Interest in Military History, Science and Defense
  • Caring for Your Collections Great Advice on the Care of Books, Photos, Videos, and Other Media in Your Collections
  • News and Historical Hookups Links to Civil War Reenactment Units, Old West, Native American and American History Sites and Historical Information
  • Quartermaster Shop Civil War Reenactment Groups and Civil War Historical Information
  • History Net - Where History Comes Alive on the Web Informative Site Sponsored by the National Historical Society
  • Discovering Lewis and Clark A 19-part Synopsis of the Expedition, Illustrated with Selections from the Journals of the Expedition, Photographs, Maps, Animated Graphics, Moving Pictures, and Sound Files
  • Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents A Library of Diaries, Journals, Narratives, and Letters of the Mountain Men and Trappers
  • US Army Center of Military History Bibliographies of the War of American Independence Reference Site
  • Naval History Information Center Wide Array of Resources Related to Naval History, Shipbuilding, Maritime History, and Naval and Maritime Photography
  • Thomas Jefferson Papers Complete Thomas Jefferson Papers from the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress
  • George Washington Papers Complete George Washington Papers Collection from the Manuscript Division at the Library of Congress
  • Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library University of Georgia Maintains a Collection of More than 800 Historic Maps Spanning Nearly 500 Years
  • Search for Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Search by Name for Records of Union and Confederate Troops
  • US Military Academy Map Library Nearly One Thousand Maps Encompassing America’s Wars and Global Conflicts
  • North American Fortifications Information on Every Known Military and Civilian Fortification Built in the United States, Canada, and Their Territories from 1500-1950
  • Americanrevolution.org Your Internet Gateway to the American War of Independence 1775-1783
  • Library of Michigan Free Access to Thousands of Newspapers, Books, Magazines and More
  • Northwest Journal Well Documented and Referenced Information for Canadian Fur Trade Era Re-enactors, Voyageurs, Historic Site Interpreters, and Educators
  • Mid American Buckskinners Living History, Reenactments, Treks, Rendezvous, Shoots, Gatherings for Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas
  • The Blackpowder Rifle Society Articles and History of Blackpowder Rifle Shooting and Descriptions of Dealers and Services
  • Buckskinnerweb.Com The Buckskinners Resources Site
  • Repositories of Primary Sources A Listing of Over 4900 Websites Describing Holdings of Manuscripts, Archives, Rare Books, Historical Photographs, and Other Primary Sources for the Research Scholar
  • Hudson's Bay Company Archives A Great Place to Research the Canadian Fur Trade
  • Mountain Men and the Fur Trade Sources of the History of the Fur Trade in the Rocky Mountain West.
  • The Library of Congress U.S. Library of Congress On-line Resources
  • The American Colonist's Library Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History
  • Smithsonian History and Culture
  • Museum of the Fur Trade Dedicated to Preserving the Rich History of the North American Fur Trade
  • Museum of the American Mountain Men Presents a Visual and Interpretative Experience into the Romantic Era of the Mountain Man and Provides a Comprehensive Overview of the Western Fur Trade's Historical Significance
  • American History Source Documents Documents for the Study of American History
  • Historical Maps of the United States A Collection of Historical Maps of the U.S.
  • On This Date In North American Indian History Over 3,000 Historical Events on a Day-by-Day Basis; Indian Moon Names; Tribal Name Meanings and Alternatives; and Links to Over 8,000 Other Sites
  • Oregon Trail: The Trail West Links to Oregon Trail Articles, and Resources
  • Costume Gallery Research Library An Online Library of Historic Fashions to Research from Gothic to Present Day
  • Tipis-Tepees-Teepees Comprehensive Information on Historic and Material Culture of Tipis along with Pictures, Articles, Makers, Transportation, and Publications
  • Corps of Discovery Notes Online Authoritative Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, featuring primary source materials for the serious living historian, trekker, and researcher

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